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Financial Accounting: including International Financial Reporting Standards (2010)

As a platform for sharing among members in the accounting profession, Accounting Resources Centre (“ARC”) endeavors to provide support in various ways for the advancement and development of the accounting profession.

In order to provide support to the young accountants for helping them establish the foundation, Mr. Nelson Lam, the vice-chairman of ARC has written a new book with some authorities on accounting.

Financial Accounting: including International Financial Reporting Standards (2010)

Brief Introduction:

Financial Accounting: Including International Financial Reporting Standards is written with the Asian student in mind. Based on the market-leading U.S. title, Financial Accounting (14th edition), this textbook retains the features that have contributed to the success of the US. book. In addition, it incorporates examples, case studies, and questions drawn from Asian contexts and practices. Combined with robust end-of-chapter exercises and exciting interactive supplementary materials, Financial Accounting: Including International Financial Reporting Standards, is absolutely relevant and essential for instructors and students in the region.

Key features:

• A focus on International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and IFRS-reporting companies, including HSBC, Singapore Airlines and adidas.

• Actual company cases opening every chapter, which ground the theme of that chapter in a real-life example; e.g. Philips, Cathay Pacific Airlines, and Sinopec.

• An "Ethics, Fraud & Corporate Governance" section in every chapter focuses students' awareness on situations involving ethical breaches, frauds, and negative corporate governance implications.

• Comprehensive cases studies, problems, and exercises that challenge students' understanding and critical thinking.

• End-of-Chapter Reviews summarize the learning objectives and key accounting terms of each chapter.


Prof. Jan Williams,

Prof. Sue Haka

Prof. Mark Bettner

Prof. Joseph Carcello,

Mr. Nelson Lam

Dr. Peter Lau,


McGraw-Hill Education (Asia)

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