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Run Your First 10K! Run a Half Marathon ...

Work-life balance is necessary for attaining personal, family and career goals as well as continuous development. If you feel that you are tired, lacking motivation, and simply in need of "a break" from your routines, pick-up a habit of regular exercise.

Running, or more appropriately jogging, is recommended due to Hong Kong's unique environment. Benefits from exercising come from doing it frequently and continuously, so you need to be "in control" of your exercise program while maintaining a busy life style. Jogging does not require booking of a room or partner. Moreover, many parks and trails in Hong Kong, preferably near your home, are suitable for jogging. And there are plenty opportunities to explore other trails in the countryside during the weekends.

Paul Chan and Edward Yuen are veteran CPAs have been regular joggers for many years. They would like to introduce this life-long habit to all fellow accountants through the support of the Accounting Resources Centre. For the remainder of 2009, they have proposed two programs:

Program 1: Run your first 10K !

Successfully run your first 10K in an official race within your set target.

About the program

For the beginners, who will complete a 10K race within one year. In the meantime, your health will improve and your productivity at work will increase. Training tips and guidelines (e.g. what to do, what to wear, etc.) will be shared. How to make regular exercising sustainable to fit your busy lifestyle will be emphasized.

Date : Every other Saturday

Time : 4 PM to 5 PM

Venue : Happy Valley Race Course or Bowen Road

Program 2: Run a Half Marathon

Successfully run your first Half-Marathon in an official race within your set target.

About the program

For the beginning-intermediate, i.e. frequent joggers for 1~2 years, who aim to complete the next Half-Marathon during the coming year. In addition, your stamina will evidently improve, minds are more restful, and focus at work should jump. Many of Hong Kong's beautiful trails will be discovered during these weekly trainings. Experience is shared. Injury-free training will be a primary goal. Many tips on how to up-keep a physically active body will be shared.

Date : Every Sunday

Time : 7:30 AM

Venue : Various beautiful routes on the HK Island, to be announced every week.

Interested parties please send us an email at with the following details so that we can keep you informed of the updated news about the programs.

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